FAQ Aerial

When you buy Lupit Hoop you get three in one. Lupit Hoop comes with two rigging mounts attached so it can be used as a double attachment hoop. In the package is also a hex key that can be used to remove one or both attaching shackles. So the hoop can be converted from double into a single rigging mount hoop or even a non-rigging mount hoop. That is a big advantage in style and flexibility.
Lupit Lollipop can only be used with Lupit Stage pole. The equipment Lupit produces always meet the highest safety standards which can only be achieved with compatible products. In this case, Lupit Lollipop is an add-on product to a Lupit Stage.
Every ceiling is made differently. Some are wooden some are plaster or concrete and that is why Lupit cannot provide general advice or instructions for fixing the Ceiling mount. We can only recommend you to ask for advice from the construction safety engineer who is able to inspect the ceiling on site. The Lupit Aerial Ceiling Mount itself has a Working Load Limit of 20 KN or 2000 kg. So the most important is how well the ceiling mount is fixed to the ceiling.