FAQ Grip

It depends on the form of a person, to person. Also, it depends on the type of skin that a pole athlete has. And of the climate. Stainless Steel is another very high-quality material for a dance pole. Freestanding dance poles made from stainless steel are extremely durable and have a polished finish. It’s more common to find these in studios rather than at home, as studio poles take a lot more abuse than home poles do. Stainless steel will hold up well in humid weather conditions. If you find excess sweating a problem, then stainless steel is for you! In the end, it is hard to say, if stainless steel has a better grip. It’s all down to personal taste, your the dance style, your budget, and what type of climate you live in.
It’s difficult to say which one is better than the other because it’s all down to personal taste, your dance style, your budget, and what type of climate you live in. For example, Chrome poles are good if you live in Northern Europe because of the temperate climate here. It’s the most common pole you’ll find in gyms, studios, and clubs. Those who learn on brass, for example, find it difficult to revert to a chrome pole, but vice versa is not a problem! However, brass poles do also have an amazing grip. Most pole athletes find it the most grippy. Silicone and powder-coated poles are more suited to extreme flip and tricks, or Chinese pole tricks as opposed to the regular pole dancing tricks. They’re fun and a novelty, especially as silicone poles work with clothes. However, unless this is your dance style, or you have some spare cash lying around, then an A metal-coated pole is more suitable for everyday use!
In November 2022, we launched our new Lupir Grip G2: redesigned, developed, and improved. We didn't change the grip, we just improved the pad. Grip G2 still contains the same amount of grip as before - the biggest change is the material, as we wanted to offer it in eco-friendly and recycled, thinner and softer materials suitable for all skin types. Main feature: - We spent nearly a year researching and testing to become more eco-friendly, discovering that the blanket could be thinner to carry the same amount of Grip products - We found the skin-friendly, recyclable material PET. - It retains the shape of the pillow - The dosage of Grip product is more controllable for the user by simply popping the pad and tapping on preferred skin areas We have tested the Grip product at a recognized institute - Institut Fresenius under DAkkS - the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany (Test NO: 6107698) and received a certificate.