Up in the air!

Professional aerial hoop for aerial dance and aerial acrobatics.

Convertible design

Introducing the Lupit Hoop, a professional aerial lyra crafted for dancers, acrobats, and circus artists who seek to elevate their aerial performances. This high-quality lyra hoop embodies strength, flexibility, and artistic expression, enabling performers to create breathtaking routines while suspended in the air. The Lupit Hoop stands out with its innovative convertible design. This feature allows an easy transition between non-attachment and single or double rigging points, offering unparalleled versatility for different performance styles and requirements. Whether you're executing intricate choreography or practising strength-based manoeuvres, this Lyra ring adapts to your artistic vision.

For studios and homes

Crafted from durable materials, the Lupit Hoop ensures safety and longevity, supporting the rigorous demands of aerial dance and acrobatics. Its smooth surface and perfectly shaped ring provide a comfortable grip, essential for executing complex aerial moves with grace and confidence. Ideal for both studio and performance environments, the Lupit Hoop is the choice of professionals seeking a reliable, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing aerial apparatus. Its design not only caters to the technical needs of aerialists but also adds an element of elegance to every performance, making it a must-have for those passionate about aerial hoop lyra artistry.

3 in 1

Convertible design. The hoop can be easily converted from non-attachment to single or double rigging point

LUPIT HOOP/LYRA, black, tube diameter 30mm

Lupit hoop/lyra black, tube diameter 30mm


169.99 €