Lupit Studio Pro cart

Fast installation

LUPIT CART has been engineered to make fast installation of LUPIT POLE PRO possible.
This amazing solution has helped Pole Dance to enter more fitness and dance studios than ever before.

Each studio pole can be disassembled without tools, but we do not guarantee a warranty in this case. For this purpose, we have developed an obligatory accessory - the Lupit studio pro cart, which allows safe disassembly and assembly in just a few minutes. Lupit studio pro cart - an indispensable accessory for any studio.


  • Lupit cart is made of stainless steel and other quality materials
  • One lupit cart can serve up to 15 poles in the hall
  • Using this special equipment the installation of the lupit pole pro poles is quick and easy for the pole
  • Dance instructors or another person who has to convert the usual dancing or gym hall into a pole
  • Dance studio in just a few minutes between the lessons
  • New environmental boxing

Frequently asked questions

Depends on coating:
Stainless steel and Chrome poles can be cleaned with a cotton cloth and Nitro diluent 900, or pure alcohol or water and then wiped with dry cotton or microfibre cloth.
Powder-coated parts should be cleaned only with pure alcohol or water and then wiped with dry cotton or microfibre cloth.
Make sure you do not use glass cleaners, especially if they contain the Ammonium Hydroxide Cleaning Agent
Cleaning of the rubber surface on discs is also very important. Use pure alcohol for regular cleaning and nitro diluent 900 for refreshing the surface to be stickier.

We do not recommend LP Classic to be used in the studio on competitions.
This pole is made of many segments and its structure needs more attention and care.
For professional use, we designed LP PRO and LP STUDIO CHAMPION poles which are custom made for different ceiling heights.

Aisling Powell 16.07.2022

I got my pole and Cart and love them. They fit perfectly. I'd like to order 3 more.

Simone Gordon 29.05.2023

We bought this Pro Cart Solution because in our pole-studio also other classes (yoga,pilates etc) take place and so it was necessary to remove the poles really quickly, sometimes theres just a break of 5 minutes in between the classes. I'm really impressed of the technique and the easy handling and would recommend this product to everyone who wants to install and remove the poles quickly and easily :-)