NEW! Lupit pole Classic G2 quick lock, white, 45mm

The process

They are designed to be ultra-sticky for pole dancers who really have trouble gripping the different types of metal poles.
It is the best choice if you plan to do a lot of pole training at home. It is very easy to grip and has a very smooth texture.
The bar is designed to be installed by a single person in just a few minutes without drilling. The high-quality surface, the unique flex system of the upper disc, and the NEW quick-lock ensure a faster installation and maximum safety for the dancer.
For ceilings higher than 2834mm/9'3.57', check out our extension in the related products and extend your pole up to 3334mm/10'11.26''.
NOTE: extension has to be bought separately, it is not a part of a basic kit


  • Removable, multi-piece dance pole
  • quick-lock, from spin to static in seconds
  • Quick installation without drilling
  • Smooth and Unique tube Joint system
  • The upper disc flex system absorbs bending force and distributes it equally
  • Smooth pole design all the way 
  • The basic kit can fit ceilings from 2334mm/7'7.89''' to 2834mm/9'3.57''
  • Basic kit + one 500mm extension can also fit the ceilings up to  3334mm/ 10'11.26''
  • Quadruple ball bearing system for topspin
  • Safety block nut blocks the pole against loosening
  • Powder-coated white finishing
  • EU origin

Latest updates

  • BETTER SPIN, as a consequence of improved joint system and upgraded bearing systems.
  • INCREASED STABILITY: fewer extensions for the same height & increased max. height to  3334mm/ 1011.26''.
  • EASIER INSTALLATION & SAFER THREAD LOCK: changed technology for thread block, without impractical and large key tools, and hard tightening of the locking nuts.
  • SMOOTHER DESIGN: the cover fits the lower part - no more gap, and the cover does not get unscrewed during the exercise.


Length 1200mm / 3'11.25''
Width 230mm / 9.06''
Height 150mm / 5.91''
Weight 15.7kg / 34.61lbs

Shipping cost

Countries price delivery time/ working days
All EU countries (except Malta, and Cyprus)  39,99€ 1-6 
All Europe countries with Malta, Cyprus (except EU countries) 59,99€ 5-15
Slovenia 12,99€ 1
USA, all states except Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska $79,99 5-10
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico $129,99 6-10
Canada, Mexico 99,99€/ $119,99 5-10
Rest of the world  139,99€ 5-11
Australia, New Zealand 159,99€ 7-9
Australia New Zealand Parcel 99.99€ 10-15
Studio Levitate 22.05.2024

Love the lupit G2 poles.
Easy to set, fluently to dance and with a nice grip

Jelena Branca 11.07.2024

I am so happy that I received my own Home Pole now :)
I already read the description to install and watched the Video. Thank you for the well-explained step-by-step instructions. I will build the Pole next few days in my room and this super description seems easy. Thank you already :)

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