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Lupit crash mat square, multi-use, Standard, black, 1500mm x 1500mm, T 120mm

These sizes certainly provide pole dancers with an added measure of safety. The mat as a whole is made of high quality materials that have passed rigorous testing. The underside of the mat is made of non-slip fabric to prevent slipping during use. The Lupit Pole Crash Mat is foldable and therefore quick to set up. The crash mats are available in different colours.


  • Diameter: 1500mm/4'11.06"
  • Anti-slip fabric on the underside.
  • Interior: Foam/high-quality EPE (expanded polyethylene foam).
  • Cover: Waterproof imitation leather
  • Compatible with any pole size
  • Custom made


Lenght 76 cm
Width 76 cm
Height 34 cm
Weight 10 kg

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Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico $34.99
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All world countries except Europe  39.99 €
Slovenia Free shipping 
Tuanny Ca 05.12.2023

I'm really happy about the quality of the standard square crash mat! I'm sure that my training will feel safer from now on.

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