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Lupit crash mat round Standard, black, D 1200mm, T 100mm

The new Lupit crash mat was designed and manufactured for those who live in small apartments. With it, you cover a sufficient area around the pole to protect you from falls, but at the same time it does not take up much space. The crash mat can be folded in several ways and can also serve as an extra seat for visitors.
The crash mat is 3.94" thick and covers basic level, intermediate & advanced levels.
The mat as a whole is made from high-quality materials that have passed rigorous testing. The underside of the mat is made of non-slip fabric to prevent slipping during use. The Lupit Pole Crash Mat is foldable for quick set-up.
The crash mat is available in black colour.


  • Diameter 3'11"
  • Thickness 3.94"
  • Anti-slip fabric on the underside.
  • Interior: Foam/high-quality EPE (expanded polyethene foam)
  • Cover: Waterproof synthetic leather
  • Compatible with any stick size
  • Individually manufactured


Lenght 64cm
Width 64cm
Height 42cm
Weight 4.5 kg

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Blanchard Sarah 03.12.2023

The Lupit crash mat I received has good foam density, finish and stitching that seems sturdy. It is perfect for performing pole dance figures in complete safety.

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