Lupit grip one piece

Lupit grip is ideal for pole dancers seeking confidence and performance enhancement.

  • Now with Double Padding for long-lasting usage and Superior Grip of Lupit grip pads! 
  • Approved by IPSF
  • These grip pads undergo rigorous testing for safety and quality at Institut Fresenius under DAkkS accreditation (Test NO: 6107698), ensuring compliance with EU regulations. 
  • Specifically, designed pole grip for pole dancers, the Lupit Pole Grip G3 tackles grip issues caused by sweaty palms, body slips, and lack of confidence leaving pole dancers with dry hands. 
  • Its innovative two-sided pad features a black side for cleaning and drying the pole and a soft (coloured side) for applying the product on the skin and hands for dry hands and extra adhesion.
  • Eco-friendly and user-friendly, it utilises sustainable, recyclable PET material with improved design for shape retention and controlled dosage.

Tested for Quality and Compliance:
Institut Fresenius Certification: Rigorously tested under DAkkS, the national accreditation body of Germany (Test NO: 6107698), confirming compliance with stringent EU regulations and ensuring end-user safety.

Ideal for Pole Dancers:
Solves Grip Issues: Specifically designed for pole dancers who struggle with sweaty palms and bodies, slip on the pole, or lack confidence due to grip difficulties.

Innovative Two-Sided Pad:
Black Side: Cleans and dries the pole to enhance grip.
Pink Side: Applies a magic nano dust on the skin for extra adhesion.

Eco-Friendly and User-Friendly:
Sustainable Material: Utilizes skin-friendly, recyclable PET material.
Improved Design: Thinner blanket to carry the same amount of Grip product.
Shape Retention and Controlled Dosage: Easy to use, just pop and tap on preferred skin areas.


  • Double padding for extended usage of the grip pads for at least 1600 taps.
  • In an eco-friendly approach, recyclable PET material retains the shape of the pillow, allowing users to control the dosage of the Grip pads product easily.
  • Tested at Institut Fresenius under DAkkS accreditation, it receives certification (Test NO: 6107698).
  • Lightweight design measuring 11cm x 11cm (4.3in x 4.3in) and 0.6cm (0.24in)


The Lupit Grip One Piece comes in a compact package with dimensions of 12cm x 12cm x 0.8 cm (4.7in x 4.7in x 0.3in).

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Frequently asked questions

In November 2022, we launched our new Lupir Grip G2: redesigned, developed, and improved. We didn't change the grip, we just improved the pad.
Grip G2 still contains the same amount of grip as before - the biggest change is the material, as we wanted to offer it in eco-friendly and recycled, thinner and softer materials suitable for all skin types.
Main feature:
- We spent nearly a year researching and testing to become more eco-friendly, discovering that the blanket could be thinner to carry the same amount of Grip products
- We found the skin-friendly, recyclable material PET.
- It retains the shape of the pillow
- The dosage of Grip product is more controllable for the user by simply popping the pad and tapping on preferred skin areas

We have tested the Grip product at a recognized institute - Institut Fresenius under DAkkS - the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany (Test NO: 6107698) and received a certificate.

Lara Ainuddin 21.09.2023

I have loved Lupit Pole for years and have rediscovered it recently. Perfect for sweaty hands and humid weather. Alexandra and her team pride in customer service and customer experience, will definitely be ordering again.

Giulia Zanfi 04.03.2024

Looks and feels amazing!