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Lupit Aerial silk, Soft black minimum order 22'11.59''

You can buy Lupit silk in a roll of at least 7 m, which is suitable for the Lupit stage. For all other exercises, Lupit silk is available on request. Each additional meter of silk is charged 12.99€/ $14,49. The fabric of Lupit-Silk has medium stretchability. Fabrics with medium stretch are the first choice for professional aerialists and graduates of professional training programs.


The quality of the material:
Highest quality by using first-class yarns of certified quality. Our products are made with yarns of acetyl cellulose and cotton pulp. Acetyl cellulose is obtained by a process of acetylation of wood pulp (cellulose), a natural polymer.
They do not contain monomers during the normal production process, so yarns dyed in the paste do not emit dyes into the atmosphere. This certifies full compliance with R.E.A.C.H. regulations. The work is therefore carried out within the framework of environmental requirements.
The dyes used for the colours are Okotex certified.

Shipping cost

Countries meters/lbs price meters/lbs price delivery time/ working days
All EU countries (except Malta, Cyprus)  7-9m 19,99€ 10-18m 24,99€ 1-6 
All Europe countries with Malta, Cyprus (except EU countries) 7-9m 19,99€ 10-18m 34,99€ 5-15
Slovenia 7-9m 9,99€ 10-18m 9,99€ 1
USA, all states except Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska 7-9m $29,99 10-18m 39,99€ 5-10
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico 7-9m $44,99 10-18m $49,99 6-10
Canada, Mexico 7-9m 29,99€/ $35,99 10-18m 39,99€/ $47,99 5-10
Rest of the world  7-9m 34,99€ 10-18m 49,99€ 5-11
Australia, New Zealand 7-9m 49,99€ 10-18m 64,99€ 10-12

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