Lupit Aerial silk, Orchid Pink minimum order 7m

  • Highest quality by using premium yarns of certified quality.
  • Soft Silky Material - smooth, slick, easy-easy to grip
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced practicing drops.
  • Our products are made with yarns of 100% polyester. Do not wash with fabric softener.
  • Quality equipment is suitable for practice and performance. Great for beginners or advanced aerialists. Good for improving self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Medium elasticity, in width and not in length.
  • Easy to set up and care
  • Made in Europe

Technical information

  • Width: 59'
  • Drape: With weight
  • Composition: Polyester 100 %
  • Fabric Types: Knitted
  • Approximate: 125 gr/cm
  • Texture: Soft
  • VERTICAL tensile strength tested in the laboratory:  59 kg resistance every 10 cm fabric.


Proper use and care of the fabric are the responsibility of the customer. The customer's responsibility is to test individual acrobatics products and supplements and their application. You can buy Lupit silk in a roll of at least 22'11.59'' suitable for the Lupit stage. For all other exercises, Lupit silk is available upon request.

Shipping cost

Countries meters/lbs price meters/lbs price delivery time/ working days
All EU countries (except Malta, Cyprus)  7-9m 19,99€ 10-18m 24,99€ 1-6 
All Europe countries with Malta, Cyprus (except EU countries) 7-9m 19,99€ 10-18m 34,99€ 5-15
Slovenia 7-9m 9,99€ 10-18m 9,99€ 1
USA, all states except Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska 7-9m $29,99 10-18m 39,99€ 5-10
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico 7-9m $44,99 10-18m $49,99 6-10
Canada, Mexico 7-9m 29,99€/ $35,99 10-18m 39,99€/ $47,99 5-10
Rest of the world  7-9m 34,99€ 10-18m 49,99€ 5-11
Australia, New Zealand 7-9m 49,99€ 10-18m 64,99€ 10-12

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