Mia Kuleš, the new Lupit pole ambassador

Mia Kuleš, the new Lupit pole ambassador

We discovered Mia years ago and immediately knew she was special. And what is the "special"...? a piece of soul and a heart that connects with you in the areas you love the most. That's why we emphasize that we are all special to someone, but the most important thing is that we are special to ourselves. Because we are perfect the way we are, of course, we are here to mature and change habits, but if we start from the soul, the world will be more bearable both for us and for others.
Mia is a great ambassador of pole dancing throughout the Balkan and beyond, she is a defender of peace, good interpersonal relationships, and authenticity. Her heart is sweet and kind, but her inner strength - is invincible. We are proud and happy that she has become our new ambassador because she embodies the values of Lupit Pole. Welcome Mia, may your soul inspire the community in all its glory.

We talked to Mia about everything and anything on life, pole, and elephants:)

Do you know that the name Mia is believed to originally stem from the ancient Egyptian word Mr, which means beloved?

I didn’t know that, but my love for Egyptian mythology has more sence now!

You started pole dancing because you suffered from scoliosis and were chained to a corset for two years. We know that another great artist lived in a corset - Frida Kahlo, who expressed "confinement" in art, how did you express your confinement?

By beating it  I didn’t see much sence in avoiding movement, training or dancing cause it made me feel better, stronger and without pain I endured throught my highschool years. I wasn’t able to stand in one place for more than ten minutes without tearing down and when I started pole dancing everything changed. It changed my view on human body and what it can do, and it can do wonders, as you know :)

I make a world a better place by being me.

Pole dance performer, pole teacher...where do you realize yourself mostly? Or do these two roles live separately But equally, intertwining harmoniously as needed?

Mostly my heart is in sharing the knowledge, love for pole and movement and I think that those two roles definitely live intertwining because showing off your power as a performer pushes your students to be more courageous.

How do you make the world a little better place?

By me being me and by that not harming anyone with the choices I make. I’m thankful that I’m able to be an example of how to be yourself to the max and how pushing your dreams can make it a reality.

On your social profiles, you frequently post and share messages about mental health. How important is mental health to you?

For the last couple of years I’m living with depression so getting to know me, my mental health and how my mood changes depending on life situations I’m learning more of who I am and I try to inform others about the seriousness of mental health conditions. 

How do you take care of your spiritual, mental, and physical health? In recent years, many famous people have become ambassadors warning about such problems. In what state of mind do you think the space in which you create is?

If you ask me, at the moment mental health problems are spiking due to Covid situation and the world as it is. It’s important to take action and talk. Talking and sharing your thoughts and relying on people who are there for you is the first step to making a change. As well as talking about body positivity, because in my world, and I’m 32 now, I always had a problem with accepting myself as I am. I had a problem with gaining weight so I never liked what I saw in the mirror. Now I see what my body is capable of doing and making sure I’m healthy, body and mind wise is my only “mission”!

Mia Kuleš, the new Lupit pole ambassador

You are an extraordinary dancer and your talent and skill have been recognized even by one of the biggest stars of pole dancing, Marion Crampe. What colors are the source from which you draw inspiration and strength?

I would say warm colours. I had to ask my dear friend Valentina in which colors does she sees me and she said orange and red! Colourful and bright and I can agree.

Are you a person of routine or vibration?

Vibration all the way!

You and Ivo are currently one of the most recognizable faces in Croatia. With your performance at the talent show, you convinced both the jury and the audience. The wise would say that those whose unifying force is chemistry succeed, and those whose unifying force is love survive. Is it like that for you?

Yes! Cause we both know what we have and what we are able to create together, but didn’t really know how much impact our performance would have on everyone.

What is it like to create with Ivo?

Simple because we understand, know and feel one another emotionally.

Do you have a ritual?

Morning cuddles with my dog and coffee in bed 1/1

What do you know is your purpose in life?

I feel like I’m here to let older generations, as well as the younger ones, know that being different is okay as long as you don’t hurt anyone by your decisions and actions.

What is your favourite book and why?

I’m into self-help books at the moment 

Do you have other talents that few people know about?

I have an eye for details and I really really really enjoy making my living space super comfy and beautiful. Always wanted to be in interior design :)

When we invited you to become a Lupit Ambassador, we were all very touched, even if the meeting was via Zoom. We are so happy that you have become part of our family. How was it for you?

More emotional because I always felt like an ambassador even though I wasn’t, but your quality and your support as a brand always speaked to me so being a part of your family is a dream came true 

What is something you would tell now to 15-year-old Mia?

You surprised yourself didn’t you? 

What, if anything, would you change in the world if you had a magic wand and could wave it just once?

I would definitely end the hatred we as people have towards one another.

What do you do when a cloak of fear, darkness, and helplessness covers you?

I would let myself feel it completely and then try to rationalize, find the reason why the cloak’s here in the first place.

You’ve been given an elephant. What would you do with the elephant?

I would definitely try to tame it, but let it live freely.

Thank you for your energy and honesty <3

Foto: Sanja Tušek

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