Inyoung Cho

Inyoung Cho

Introducing Inyoung Cho, the extraordinary talent and new ambassador for Lupit Pole. Explore her mesmerizing pole dance skills and her journey as a renowned figure in the industry. Join us as we delve into her unique perspective, inspiration, and dedication that make her the perfect choice to represent Lupit Pole as our ambassador.

You are one of the top influencers in Korea. What makes you stand out from the rest?

I wanted to change the perception of pole dancing through my performances on social media and I received many opportunities. As a result, there are many people who enjoy my pole dance performances. Without saying anything special, I love to connect with people through my performances so that more people can appreciate the art of pole dancing. I always try to create new content so that I can enjoy pole dancing even more by picking up on interesting trends, and at the same time, I look at pole dancing from a very detailed and analytical perspective.

I like to use both flexibility and strength to create my own pole dance style. Through pole dance, I continue to push my limits and want to expand and develop my skills as a performer and artist. My unique perspectives and performances have also allowed me to collaborate with other famous influencers and celebrities such as Lisa from Black Pink, Tiger JK, Wondergirls Sohee, etc.

Can you share your most memorable win and what it means to you as a pole dancer?

My biggest accomplishment is founding Tara Pole Dance Studio, the world's largest premium studio with over 100 Lupit poles installed. International pole dancers have visited Tara Pole Dance Studio for its beautiful interiors and perfect conditions for pole dancing. When I founded this studio, I had the vision to introduce and promote pole dancing to the public and increase its popularity as a sport and art. It is a friendly environment that welcomes pole dancers of all levels, including beginners and has helped change women's exercise behaviour and interests in Korea. Tara Pole Dance Studio has become an icon among pole dancers in Korea, and even the general public who do not know much about pole dancing can learn more about the art and sport of pole dancing. By establishing Tara Pole Dance Studio, I have been able to expand the market and help promote pole dancing worldwide, and I am proud that our studio has gained worldwide attention.

How is the pole dance scene in Korea different from other countries where you have performed?

In other countries, pole dancing culture is sometimes perceived negatively, but in Korea, it seems to be widely accepted as a form of exercise and a sport.

What aspects of  Korean culture and lifestyle have influenced your pole dance routines?

Because of the 24-hour Korean lifestyle, I often trained late into the night or even stayed up all night preparing for classes and performances, which made me stronger.

inyoung cho  the most famoust Korean influencer
Inyoung cho 

As a prominent figure in the Korean pole dance scene, what advice do you have for aspiring pole dancers in Korea and Asia?

Pole dancing is a demanding sport. It is an artistic form of expression that is also a great workout. It can be painful and exhausting, but it gives you a sense of accomplishment, and I encourage everyone to try it. I encourage everyone to find a style or movements that fit them well, and through this process, you can find many hidden opportunities. To do that, you always have to be prepared and willing to challenge yourself.

How do you balance your personal life with the demands of being a professional pole dancer in Korea?

As a professional pole dancer, many of my daily activities and personal life revolve around pole dancing, where I am constantly trying to improve my skills and abilities.

 Have you faced any cultural stereotypes or misconceptions about pole dancing while living in Korea?

In the past, pole dancing was perceived negatively in Korea and was not accepted as a sport. In particular, Korean culture did not approve of revealing clothing, so it took a while for the general public to become more accepting in this regard. I tried very hard to promote pole dancing as a sport and exercise.

What are some of the major changes you have seen in the Korean pole dance scene over the course of your career?

Many people had no idea what pole dancing even was. Still, nowadays I have been bringing the art of pole dancing to the general public with my performances, classes, and content on social media. As more and more people are interested in pole dancing, there are many studios in Korea. The number of pole wear and pole equipment suppliers has also increased, which has contributed to the growth of the pole dance market, and I think social media such as Instagram has helped to promote pole dance culture as a sport and art to the general public.

Most importantly, there are fewer negative cultural stereotypes and prejudices towards pole dancing. Pole dancing is clearly recognized as a sport.

Can you tell us about any collaborations or special performances you have done with K-pop artists or groups? (We know you trained Lalilsa, who used the Lupit stage in her video:)

Lisa from Blackpink discovered my pole dancing channel through YouTube, and because she thought my style and technique were beautiful, she took lessons with me. Through the connection we made, we collaborated for her music video with Lupit Pole. I also directed her pole dancing performance for her solo world tour, and I had the opportunity to perform with her in Seoul. Since she loved pole dancing, Lisa also taught her dancers how to pole dance and showed her pole dance performance to dancers all over the world! I believe this helped many people realize that pole dancing is first and foremost a powerful performance and has tremendous impact. I am very proud to have been a part of it, and the result is that the public's interest and love for pole dance performances continues to grow.

inyoung cho  being the pole dance instructor for K-pop
Inyoung cho 

How has living in Korea influenced your artistic expression and the themes you address in your pole dance performances?

I incorporate Korean traditional music into my own performances, expressing my feelings and those of my students. Most notably, I have performed many pole dance routines in the traditional Korean costume, the hanbok. At Tara Pole Dance, we also offer classes based on traditional Korean dance, which is very popular among people who like Korean music and traditional dance.

What are the particular challenges or advantages of being a pole dancer in the Korean entertainment industry?

In the past, pole dancing was perceived negatively in Korea, so I wanted to change the public perception of pole dancing as a beautiful art and sport through my performances. I wanted to use social media to promote pole dancing, and this created many opportunities.

Through these opportunities, many people were able to enjoy my pole dancing performance and I was able to collaborate with many influencers and increase my fan base. Through these collaborations with other influencers, we were able to develop creative new content that changed the perception of pole dancing.

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects or goals in your career as a Korean pole dancer?

I want to continue to develop new pole dance content with Korean influencers and spread pole dance on social media to change the perception of pole dance as an art and performance (like circus). We also host a student show every two months at Tara Pole Dance Studio to motivate and inspire the public and give pole dancers a sense of challenge and accomplishment. Through these events, I hope to expand and create opportunities for performances not only in Korea, but also with international pole dancers.

**What does pole dancing mean to me?

Pole dancing influences every aspect of my life because it pushes me to improve and feel alive. I enjoy making meaningful connections through a shared passion for pole dancing with others who share the same interest, which is why I love pole dancing.

inyoung cho   lupit pole new korean ambassador pole dancer and studio owner

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