Lupit pole stage mandala, quick lock, chrome, short legs, 45mm

Mandala Stage Pole: Transforming Imperfection into Art

The Mandala Stage Pole™ is a portable pole dance podium that can be assembled in minutes, perfect for use indoors or outdoors. Crafted from scratched plates, each pole is laser-etched with intricate mandala designs, turning imperfections into unique works of art.

Pushing the Boundaries of Pole Technology

The integrated Mandala Quick Lock™ system is a revolutionary feature that allows performers to switch from spinning to static in less than a second. This quick lock system, free of Allen wrenches and screws, uses a simple turn of the locking ring on the lower bearing system. Dancers can change modes seamlessly, adding a new dimension to their performance and choreography.

Features and Specifications

  • Space Requirements: Minimum diameter of 1800 mm (5’10.86’’) and minimum ceiling height of 3050 mm (10’0.08’’).
  • Podium Composition: Made of 6 pieces with a diameter of 1600 mm (5'2.99"), including 3 glossy and 3 matte hard laminated plastic sheets.
  • Height: Total height of 2905 mm (9'6.37") with a usable height of 2810 mm (9'2.63").
  • Superior Spin: Utilizes automotive and aerospace engineering for excellent spin.
  • Stable Construction: Made of two equal pieces using high-quality Lupit Joints, featuring a stable and rigid construction with 6 legs, each with 2 adjustable discs and anti-slip surfaces.
  • Weight and Dimensions: Total net weight of 65 kg, with a pole diameter of 45 mm.
  • Easy Assembly: Can be assembled in 3-5 minutes.
  • Design: State-of-the-art design with smooth, elegant shapes, prepared for mounting an aerial silk ring at the top.

Embrace the Art of Imperfection

With the Mandala Stage Pole, you are not just choosing a performance tool but embracing a philosophy that finds beauty in the flawed. Each pole's unique mandala design symbolizes resilience and interconnectedness, turning what was once considered waste into a treasured piece of art. Transform your stage with the Mandala Stage Pole and experience the perfect blend of sustainability, creativity, and cutting-edge technology.


All EU countries (except Malta, Cyprus, Iceland) 149.99€
All European countries (except EU countries) with Malta, Cyprus, Iceland 199.99€
All world countries except Europe  549.99€
Slovenia 59.99€

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