Lupit removable studio pro pole, one piece, chrome, 42mm

Lupit Pole Chrome poles are allergy free and 100% chipping-free. Our technology is different and we do not use nickel as a base layer before chrome plating, as all other manufacturers do. So Lupit Pole Chrome poles are 100% nickel FREE.

This pole is suitable for any height up to 4200mm/13'9.35'' It is custom-made, with no joints, just a long pole with a smooth surface from top to bottom. The pole features Lupit's unique AVFAS™ (Automatic Vertical Force Adjusting System) which has two functions: 

First, it allows for quick installation, and second, it automatically distributes vertical force evenly between the upper and lower bearing systems when you are training on the pole. Together with the unique Upper Disk Flex System, it ensures maximum spin performance and safety. 

When you purchase a pole for your home, your ceiling must meet the following requirements.

  • the construction of the ceiling must be made of concrete or
  • the construction of the ceiling must be additionally reinforced
  • The floor-to-ceiling height can be up to 4200mm/13'9.35''

*Each studio pole can be disassembled without tools, but we do not guarantee a warranty in this case. For this purpose, we have developed an obligatory accessory - the Lupit studio pro cart, which allows safe disassembly and assembly in just a few minutes. Lupit studio pro cart - an indispensable accessory for any studio.


  • Spinning and static mode
  • Smooth pole design throughout, one-piece pole
  • AVFAS™ (Automatic Vertical Force Adjustment System).
  • Upper Disc Flex System absorbs bending force and distributes it evenly
  • Available in 42mm or 45mm diameters
  • Made to measure for maximum ceiling heights up to 4200mm/13'9.35''
  • The top disc must be fixed to the ceiling but no holes drilled in the floor
  • Chrome finish

Latest updates

  • New improved polish - better grip on all poles. 
  • Lupit Pole Chrome poles are allergy-free and 100% chipping-free. Our technology is different and we do not use nickel as a basic layer before the chrome coating, as all other manufacturers do.
  • Lupit Pole Chrome poles are therefore 100% nickel FREE!


  • Highly polished 42mm or 45mm pole with integrated AVFAS™.
  • Lower disc with bearing unit
  • Upper disc with bearing unit
  • Tools and screws for assembly

Before purchasing, make sure you have measured the height of the floor to the ceiling in the location where you plan to install the pole. This will help you avoid frustration when installing the pole, as you will have the proper extensions (if needed) to reach the desired height.
The pole is fully compatible with other PRO poles and can be ordered with LUPIT POLE QUICK LOCK™ (quick-lock system) or in a standard configuration. For quick assembly/disassembly of the pole, the LUPIT POLE CART must be used.

For quick assembly/disassembly of the poles, the LUPIT POLE CART must be used.

Custom products have custom shipping costs. Please write to us at and claim your custom order. 

Frequently asked questions

Mark the correct position of the lower disc and monitor the drifting
Clean the lower disc rubber surface with nitro diluent 900 to refresh the stickiness to the floor If necessary increase the tension to the floor by adding 1-2 extension rings to the bottom part.

Yes, QL Pro is fully compatible and exchangeable with all versions of lower bearing systems used with LP PRO and LP Studio Champion poles.
The replacement takes only a minute.

Depends on coating:
Stainless steel and Chrome poles can be cleaned with a cotton cloth and Nitro diluent 900, or pure alcohol or water and then wiped with dry cotton or microfibre cloth.
Powder-coated parts should be cleaned only with pure alcohol or water and then wiped with dry cotton or microfibre cloth.
Make sure you do not use glass cleaners, especially if they contain the Ammonium Hydroxide Cleaning Agent
Cleaning of the rubber surface on discs is also very important. Use pure alcohol for regular cleaning and nitro diluent 900 for refreshing the surface to be stickier.

LP PRO is also a pressure pole and it was designed for studios to have a possibility to install and take away poles in just a few seconds. This system works on most of the floor-ceiling combinations.
The pole must be in a straight vertical position. The water level should be used.
Remeasure the ceiling height and check if the pole has been ordered according to this height. If the ceiling is too high extra extension ring should be added on a lower bearing to extend the pole. Sufficient pressure must be applied between the ceiling and the floor.
When the pole is just shaken with hands without applying bodyweight, normally, it can be moved.

When doing the turns the body weight adds to the spring load and weight of the pole, all that represents the downforce which increases the friction between the floor and rubber on the lower disc.
It is important to clean the rubber surface and the floor regularly using cleaning pure alcohol. If that will not help, we will send you 3d stickers which are used for marking the position of the pole and sometimes to prevent movement if the floor is slippery.
If the poles are still moving after doing all this, then we recommend using our permanent mount solution.

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