Lupit crash mat round Standard, white D 4'11.06, T 3.14"

These sizes provide pole dancers with added safety for sure. The mat as a whole is made from high-quality materials that have passed rigorous testing. The underside of the mat is made of non-slip fabric to prevent slipping during use.
The Lupit Pole Crash Mat is foldable for quick setup. 
The crash mats are available in different colours.


  • Diameter 4'11.06"
  • Thickness 3.14"
  • Anti-slip fabric on the underside.
  • Interior: Foam/high-quality EPE (expanded polyethene foam).
  • Cover: Waterproof synthetic leather
  • Compatible with any stick size
  • Individually manufactured


Lenght 64cm
Width 64cm
Height 42cm
Weight 4.5 kg

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