Pole Dancing in Cinema, Movies for Pole Dancing Enthusiasts

Pole Dancing in Cinema, Movies for Pole Dancing Enthusiasts

Hi lovely pole dancers and movie lovers, this one is for you. Today we’re going into the development of pole dancing in cinema history. It's fascinating to see how this art form has evolved and how movies have played a role in shaping its perception. Is Lupit pole a part of this journey? Why, yes it is!

Early Years and Stereotypes (Pre-2000s)

In the early days of cinema, pole dancing was often depicted in a negative light, associated with strip clubs and the world of adult entertainment. Movies tended to perpetuate stereotypes that portrayed pole dancers as objects of desire rather than skilled performers. These portrayals were often sensationalized and did little to showcase the athleticism and artistry behind pole dancing.

Early Years and Stereotypes

Shift towards Empowerment (2000s-2010s)

As we moved into the 2000s, there was a noticeable shift in how pole dancing was portrayed in films. While it still had a presence in movies centered around adult entertainment, there were also instances where it was used to empower characters. Films like "Striptease" and "Burlesque" began to showcase the physical strength, agility, and dedication required for pole dancing. These movies portrayed characters who turned to pole dancing not out of desperation, but as a means to gain control over their lives and bodies.

Artistry and Diversity (2010s-Present)

In more recent years, there's been a growing recognition of pole dancing as a legitimate form of dance and self-expression. Movies like "Hustlers" and "Magic Mike" have presented pole dancing as an art form that requires skill and dedication, much like any other form of dance. These films have also helped normalize the idea of people from various backgrounds and body types engaging in pole dancing, highlighting its inclusivity and diversity.

Breaking Stereotypes and Redefining Norms

As movies began to portray pole dancing in a more positive and empowering light, it helped break down stereotypes associated with the practice. The perception of pole dancing shifted from being solely linked to adult entertainment to being seen as a legitimate way for individuals to express themselves, build self-confidence, and challenge societal norms.

Influence of Pole Dancing on Pop Culture

The evolution of pole dancing in movies has undoubtedly influenced pop culture. It has led to a broader acceptance of pole dancing as a form of fitness, a way to build strength, and a mode of creative expression. Today, you can find pole dancing classes in gyms, studios, and community centers, catering to people of all ages and backgrounds who are looking to explore this art form.

Influence of Pole Dancing on Pop Culture

Championing Empowerment and Agency

What's most remarkable is how pole dancing in cinema has been increasingly linked to themes of empowerment, self-acceptance, and agency. It's no longer just a plot device; it's a means for characters to take control of their lives, their bodies, and their narratives. This shift aligns with broader societal movements that emphasize body positivity, self-care, and women's empowerment.

In essence, the journey of pole dancing in cinema history parallels the evolution of societal attitudes towards body image, gender roles, and empowerment. From its early days of being sensationalized to its current status as an art form that empowers individuals to embrace their strength and creativity, pole dancing's cinematic journey reflects a wider cultural shift towards inclusivity and self-expression.

15 movies where they use pole dancing as a part of the story.

So, which movies should we put on our must-see list? Here are 15 movies where pole dancing plays a part in the story. It's interesting to see how pole dancing has been portrayed in different films, and its cultural importance has evolved over time.

movies where they use pole dancing as a part of the story

  •   Striptease (1996) - This movie starring Demi Moore features a scene where she learns pole dancing as a way to support herself and her daughter. It highlights the empowerment and athleticism of pole dancing.

  •   Showgirls (1995) - A classic from the '90s, this film showcases the world of Las Vegas showgirls, including some pole dancing sequences that add to the glitzy atmosphere.

  •   Hustlers (2019) - Based on a true story, this movie follows a group of strippers who turn the tables on their wealthy clients. Pole dancing is portrayed as a skill that empowers the characters financially.

  •   Rock of Ages (2012) - Set in the '80s rock scene, this musical film includes pole dancing performances that capture the energy and vibe of the era.

Rock of Ages

  •   Dance Flick (2009) - A comedy spoofing dance movies, this film humorously features a pole dancing scene as part of its parody elements.

  •   Charlie's Angels (2000) - In this action-comedy, there's a memorable scene where Cameron Diaz's character uses pole dancing as a disguise during a mission.

  •   Closer (2004) - This drama explores complex relationships, and Natalie Portman's character has a pole dancing scene that reveals her vulnerability and sensuality.

  •   Pain & Gain (2013) - In this dark comedy, a group of bodybuilders gets involved in a criminal scheme. A pole dancing class scene adds an amusing touch.

  •   Burlesque (2010) - Starring Christina Aguilera and Cher, this musical film features burlesque performances, including pole dancing, as a form of artistic expression.

  •   Magic Mike (2012) - This film offers a glimpse into the world of male strippers, where pole dancing is showcased as a way to entertain and earn a living.

  •   Chocolate (2008) - A martial arts film with a unique twist, the main character's mother teaches her pole dancing as a combat technique.

  •   The Wrestler (2008) - While not the central focus, a pole dancing scene in a strip club is a part of the gritty atmosphere that the movie portrays.

The Wrestler

  •   Zola (2020) - Based on a viral Twitter thread, this film includes scenes set in strip clubs that depict the characters' experiences, including pole dancing.

  •   Savage Streets (1984) - This action thriller features a pole dancing scene that contributes to the edgy atmosphere of the film.

  •   G.I. Jane (1997) - Demi Moore's character in this military drama undergoes tough training, and there's a brief but memorable pole dancing scene that showcases her determination.

Can you name more? Let us know. 

Lupit Pole Co-stars with Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez - Hustlers (2019) - has been quite vocal about her experience with pole dancing! She's been a major advocate for showcasing its empowering side. In fact, she played a role in popularizing pole dancing through her performance in the movie “Hustlers.”

Lupit Pole Stage

J.Lo has mentioned that her training for "Hustlers" was intense. She wanted to make sure her portrayal of a stripper was as authentic as possible, both in terms of the physical aspects and the emotional journey of her character. She has praised pole dancing for being an incredible workout that demands immense strength, flexibility, and coordination.

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She's spoken about how pole dancing helped her build a new level of confidence and connect with her own body. According to J.Lo, it's not just about the physical aspects but also about embracing your inner strength and celebrating your sensuality.

J.Lo has also highlighted the artistic side of pole dancing. She sees it as a form of dance that combines athleticism with storytelling, much like any other dance form. She's proud that "Hustlers" shed light on the financial struggles many individuals face in the industry and how they used their skills to take control of their lives.

In various interviews, J.Lo has emphasized that pole dancing isn't solely about entertaining others; it's about discovering your power, gaining self-confidence, and celebrating your body's capabilities. She's all about empowering women and promoting body positivity, and she sees pole dancing as a way to achieve that.

So, it's safe to say that Jennifer Lopez has not only embraced pole dancing for its physical challenges but also for its potential to uplift and empower individuals, helping them redefine their relationship with their bodies and their self-worth.

Shedding more light on J.Lo’s pole dancing training is Johanna Sapakie

Culturally, the portrayal of pole dancing in movies reflects changing perceptions. Early depictions often leaned towards the negative, associating it with the seedy side of society. However, more recent films have emphasized the strength, skill, and empowerment that can come from pole dancing. It's shifted from being seen solely as a form of adult entertainment to a way of expressing athleticism, self-confidence, and artistry. This evolution has helped challenge stereotypes and promote a broader understanding of pole dancing's potential as a legitimate form of dance and expression.

Get your popcorn and dancing poles ready for exciting movie nights!

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