Marion Crampe

Pole Dance / Contortion Performer and Instructor, She has been referred to as the "Pole Fairy" and you will understand that when you get to know her. Marion: "Pole dancing expresses itself through the movement and expression of a moving body. Whether artistic or fitness-oriented, the difference is only in the way you focus on different aspects (artistry or technique). But in the end, it's always about the same thing... The "passion."

Marion Crampe

The art of (e)motion

Marion's pole style is a mix of dance, contortion, and emotion.
Her classes are encouraging and make people feel comfortable in their skin. She is a firm believer that everyone is different, that everyone tells a different story with their body and their dance, and she incorporates this into her classes.

This influence on the students she teaches has led to her winning titles such as Pole Idol in 2013 and the "Representin" Award Most Positive Role Model in the Pole Community in both 2014 and 2016.

Some of her career highlights so far have been competitions and judging among the pole community, as well as performances at shows and events around the world. In conjunction with this journey, she has been featured on various blogs and documentaries such as ESPN Sports Channel and The Ellen de Genres Show. She hopes to continue this list in the future and is excited to see where life takes her next.

Marion Crampe

Modelling for unique photo shoots and photographers around the world is another of this creative soul's many jobs. Marion works on original projects in fashion, music, videography and other collaborations with artists of all kinds. Not only is she dedicated to teaching, performing and modelling, but she is also a strong businesswoman. She has helped start and grow the Milan Pole Dance Studio business. She is currently working on other business ideas and concepts as well, so stay tuned to see what Marion has to offer in the future!"

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Awards and other achievements

French Pole Championship 2nd Place,


Pole World Cup 3rd Place,


French Pole Dance Champion,


IPC World Championship 3rd Place,

Lupit pole Classic G2, standard lock, chrome, 42mm

Lupit pole Classic G2, standard lock, chrome, 42mm

"Professionals in their craft! All products were super amazing with strong details, comps and overall vibe"

Marlon Fisken


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Embrace Your Inner Strength and Serenity: Sign Up Now for the Biggest Love Affair' Challenge!