Iris Jaspers

Iris, 16, is a runner-up in the world championships and holds the world record for the highest score achieved in a competition. Her biggest dream is to perform in Cirque du Soleil and the Olympics. She is one of the most talented aerialists and we are proud to welcome her to our Lupit family.

Iris Jaspers

Aerialist at heart and soul

Iris Jaspers is 16 years old and lives in the Netherlands.
In her daily life, she goes to high school and loves to have fun with her friends.
She started gymnastics at the age of 3, followed by the acro gym and at the age of 8 she started pole and aerial sports. The combination of acrobatics, dance, and storytelling is a great challenge that allows her to be creative and always evolving. From a young age, she enjoyed being on stage and participating in shows and competitions.

Holland's Got Talent -  4 x a yes!

Her first television performance was at Holland's Got Talent in 2020 where she received 4 x a yes!

Since 2019 she has been participating in the Dutch Championships and in 2021 she became the world champion of Aerial Hoop Junior. In 2022 she not only managed to keep her two Dutch titles in the Aerial Hoop but also broke two world records. At the World Championships in 2022, she won silver and managed to keep her number one ranking in the world on Artistic Aerial Hoop Junior.

Future plan

Her goal for 2023 is to join the world championships again and pass her school exams!
Next, learn new combinations and teach other kids in pole and aerial sports.

P.S. She is proud to have become a Lupit Pole Angel and to have Lupit Pole's high-quality use products for play and training.

Iris Jaspers

Awards and other achievements

World Record Aerial Hoop


World Champion Artistic Aerial Hoop Junior


Champion Aerial Hoop

4x 1st place

Artistic Pole

1x 2nd place

Holland's Got Talent 4 x a yes