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Inspired by pole dancing, we create products for pole dancers & artists, pole beginners & established athletes,
for those who love workouts at home, and for studio owners in search of a safe and unique pole equipment design …
Lupit Pole products are created using high-quality materials and craftsmanship!
Tested by our Ambassadors, leading artists, athletes, and trainers in pole community.

Pole lovers, here you can find everything you could wish for under one roof. Check out our products and choose what suits you best.
If you have any questions at any point, please email us at info@lupitpole.com.


Lupit Pole was created to establish a perfect balance between safe performance, easy use and superior design.
We work persistently on it, listening to your comments, and adapting our knowledge to your needs.
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  • Heather Van Liew Heather Van Liew 
    “I am absolutely in love with everything about my Lupit pole!!!!” ... more
  • Poledancerka Poledancerka 
    “Absolut winner.” ... more
  • Ana B Del Cueto Ana B Del Cueto 
    “I am so so happy and in love with my new lupit pole 42mm!!! The best!” ... more
  • Kori NNeKori NNe
    “Just got my new Lupit Pole for Festivus from my parents. It spins so fluidly, is perfectly grippy, and is so easy to put together. (No holes like xpole) I love my new Lupit.  Who wants to come over and try it? ” ... more
  • Liuda Moskovtseva-Tambova Liuda Moskovtseva-Tambova 
    “The best pole from my experience and outstanding customer service!!!!!!” ... more