Almohadilla Lupit grip

Almohadilla Lupit grip

Soluciones innovadoras

Diseñado exclusivamente para pole dance utilizando tecnología NANO para el mejor agarre.

El agarre funciona para todos los materiales y superficies de postes. Trata la piel - lado rosa y superficie del polo - lado negro.

Skin-friendly and safe

Its innovative two-sided pad, with a black side for cleaning and drying the pole and a pink side for applying skin-friendly dust on the skin, provides extra adhesion and confidence for dancers. Measuring 12cm x 12cm and lightweight, it's a perfect addition to any gym bag. With at least 1600 taps of grip from its 6mm double padding, the Lupit Pole Grip G3 offers controlled dosage, and shape retention, and is an essential tool for pole dancers seeking enhanced performance and safety.

Almohadilla lupit pole grip

Lupit grip one piece

Almohadilla Lupit grip

17.99 €
Lupit grip - 3 piezas

Lupit grip - 3 pieces

Almohadilla Lupit grip

53.97 €


Choose between different accessories suitable for your home poles.

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Expositor de grips Lupit, 20 piezas

Lupit grip display, 20 pieces

Almohadilla Lupit grip

249.99 €
Kenneth Kao, Poleninja

Kenneth Kao, Poleninja

LP Classic G2

Overall I think this is a very good pole in fact i might like it better than my Lupit Pro.

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