Three in one

This Hoop can be easily converted from a single point attachment to twin point attachment or both can be removed.

Lupit Hoop is a circular stainless steel apparatus suspended from the ceiling, on which areal artists may perform different acrobatic elements. It can be used static, spinning or swinging.

For studios and homes

Crafted from durable materials, the Lupit Hoop ensures safety and longevity, supporting the rigorous demands of aerial dance and acrobatics. Its smooth surface and perfectly shaped ring provide a comfortable grip, essential for executing complex aerial moves with grace and confidence. Ideal for both studio and performance environments, the Lupit Hoop is the choice of professionals seeking a reliable, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing aerial apparatus. Its design not only caters to the technical needs of aerialists but also adds an element of elegance to every performance, making it a must-have for those passionate about aerial hoop lyra artistry.

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